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What is Defining Feature of The Metaverse
Metaverse the future of the internet, a way to next-level socialization and IoTs. Well, on this topic we are going to explore what is a defining feature of the Metaverse? But before that, we need to know how and from where and who introduced the concept of the Metaverse. When it comes to Metaverse terms, the concept of technology has been taken from the Science fiction book Snow Crash. The author Neal Stephenson in 1992 gave the concept of a 3D world where you can pick any of the desired skins, called Avatar, and this concept was called Metaverse after the hype.

What is the Metaverse?

A 3D reality connecting users and their emotions from their socialization & economy to every aspect of life virtually to explore new generations of the internet to cover up all the blockchain, web 3.0, entertainment, and Business.

2D interactive games combine features such as socialization and economics, but the Metaverse is the next step to the internet. Metaverse terminology introduced the 3D interactive virtual reality where the user is going to be a computer program in a virtual world and he can perform all daily activities such as socialization, work, and anything he/she wants in virtual reality. Metaverse personalities adopted by the users are known as the avatars same as humans in the real world. Meta Technology is the future of the internet which is going to be adopted very soon as many major socializing companies are working to develop Metaverse simulations for users some of the named ones are NVIDIA and Facebook.

Metaverse is going to be a revolution on the internet as in this layer of the internet each and every aspect of life can be digitalized into 3D virtual reality from the Medical to the entertainment, IoTs are going to be way more powerful on Metaverse. Metaverse terms are connecting Web 3.0, Socialization, Business, and AI in a 3D universe.

How Socialization is going to be like in Metaverse?

Socialization experience in the Metaverse will be the next step higher we used to say we are on Facebook. In the Metaverse, you are going to call us on Facebook. In virtual work, there will be no homepage for the Social Network as, in Metaverse terms, you are going to have a decentralized home where you, in the form of an avatar, are going to live a separate social life. In fact, it could be your proper life in the future where you are going to control your social and business life.

On Web 2.0 there is controlled creator freedom for socialization. As Metaverse is going to be developed on Web 3.0, you are going to have full control over your content and privacy. A major difference between the Web 3.0 Metaverse and web 2.0 socialization is hyperlinks and teleportation.

Hyperlink vs Teleportation

On the current social networks, we are using hyperlinks to move on from page to page and network to network, but in the Metaverse, technology is going to evolve the experiences as the science fiction concept of teleportation is going to be a reality in the virtual world of the Metaverse.

You can say that on the Facebook page, from the home page to the friends chat, we are using the hyperlink to redirect the connection, but in Metaverse technology, things are going to be changed, as by teleportation we can directly interact with a friend.

What are the defining features of the Metaverse?

Metaverse is the future of the internet, which develops human life into a 3D virtual reality to gain access to everything through avatars. Metaverse explores the whole world in the user’s hands by providing unique features which are discussed below.

  • Users Avatars

When it comes to, what is a defining feature of the Metaverse? Or the key features of the Metaverse? The first and primary feature in memory recalled is Avatars and, similar to the Metaverse, the avatars are directly taken from Snow Crash. Avatars are computer programs connected to the user in the virtual world. In simple, in virtual reality, the Avatar is the user itself. Avatars allow users to access the Metaverse where, whatever he/she wants, he/she can do.

Avatar can be the user’s virtual representation which can be manipulated by the user as he wants to build up or represent themselves in 3D reality.

  • Infrastructure/Hardware

In Metaverse terms, we are discussing a lot of things. The questionable feature is going to be the Infrastructure or Hardware, which is going to be the base layer of the Metaverse technology that is going to be used in the Metaverse. The Metaverse is going to use key future technologies such as 5G, Cloud computing, Cloud Storage and GPUs. Therefore, with high-quality hardware and connectivity support, the Metaverse is going to be a much-enhanced user experience and this technology is going to be a revolution in the entertainment world.

There is a lot more to experience in the Metaverse as major social companies are involved in the Metaverse term technology to develop it, such as Microsoft and Facebook, not even on an organizational level for the development of the Metaverse infrastructure. South Korea ICT ministry set up 17 different companies and 8 different groups to develop this technology.

  • Decentralization

Metaverse is a true crypto adoption in the virtual era to paint it open. Metaverse is open to everyone, where users can develop their own economics and services and trade them seamlessly with no organizational barrier to information sharing. This allows users to trade their simulations and assets on the Metaverse with their own control. Metaverse, backed by Web 3.0, is a decentralized workplace and socialization where users’ experiences can never be controlled and manipulated.

You are the boss in Metaverse terms, as your avatar is free of any organizational pressure, your privacy, your assets, and your experiences are in your hands. Describe them so you won't feel them as you imagine exploring the Internet and world with Metaverse decentralization

  • Human interface technologies

Metaverse development is the way humans access Metaverse technology. It is way more advanced compared to the current age of technology. These components or consoles which allow the users to access the Metaverse wonders are called human interface technologies. VR headset consoles the way to explore the enhanced experience of virtual 3D gaming to feel up the environmental effects. Laptops and Tablets fall into the same category as they teleport humans into the immense and unlivable world of events where a new era is waiting for them.

  • Experience the Nature

Metaverse promise the quality of vitality as users can feel the physical form of the environment in 3D virtual reality. Meta Technology or Meta terms bring up the actual world in the user's hands. Let us understand this technology through real-time experience.

Consider yourself preparing for the meeting as the meeting is scheduled in space. Now expect the real-time space experience as Metaverse technology is based on the physics engine, which enhances the user's experience, as in the virtual world you are going to see all the rules of nature in reality. NVIDIA is working on a simulation engine for such experiences called Omniverse.

You can say if you are driving a car you can feel in the Metaverse, the sound, the motion effects on the body are going to be developed by the Metaverse hardware, as this hardware technology is going to evolve, the generation of the hardware and sensors. Tourism is going to change because, now in the Metaverse, there will not be a world tour where you are going to be on universal tours as much as we have explored. This experience is going to be called lifelogging, the future of video graphics and vlogs.

  • Entertainment

The entertainment industry is in one of the early stages of Metaverse technology. As for entertainment, VR consoles are used to enhance the gaming or entertainment experience. The entertainment industry is going to be one of the big capital holders of the Metaverse technology as the adoption of the Metaverse is getting started in gaming broadly.

  • Content Creator Freedom

One of the most valuable features in the Metaverse is the creator's freedom. If a user explores something on the Metaverse, the user can develop a simulation of the experience and that is going to be the content for others who want to explore the Metaverse. This allows the users to control their valuable developments on the network. Users can develop their own commercial marketplaces on the Metaverse and offer other users to list up their content and services there as that will boost the virtual world. The marketplaces on the Metaverse are going to be the same as in the real world. Web 3.0 and decentralization are going to explore a new way of content creation in terms of the entertainment industry.

  • Multi-Metaverse

Multiverse and Multi-Metaverse are two different terms, but two different terms have the same concept in the Metaverse. Everyone is open to developing their own communities and there is no specific Metaverse like the universe, so it is divided into different ways, as different organizations own different Metaverse and there are limitless communities on Metaverse, so that clearly means there are many is Metaverse interconnected users are allowed to visit them by their policies, so it kind of similar to the multiverse theory. Yes, there are so many Metaverse that can be classified on the basis of their nature as entertainment, workspace, etc., or might be in the Communities, but at the current time, Metaverse is far not much developed. It means that the Metaverse is going to be expanding in the future. 

Ending Words

Metaverse terms the technology of the internet we are going to explore in the future for now. Meta technology will bring the social life on the gestures and imagination control. Social intrection is going to be much more easy and more efficient. Life emotions in virtual reality it is going to be enhanced still there many other concerns about meta technology as far i know we should not dream too much. But the adoption of this technology on early levels is pretty decent. 

The total active users for the metaverse reached to the 43k as per my knowledge the market capital for the metaverse market is around $22B, if we consider the crypto market dominace for now in the bear market current status the Meta Projects hold $5,318,087,561of total capital.

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